Note to Self: You Are Not Invisible

Is it strange that I have to remind myself that people watch and listen to and read the things I post? Sometimes (especially when I don’t get feedback) I feel like my thoughts just go into the void that is the internet.

Then I get an email with my stats, and if the number of “interactions” is greater than zero, I feel both happy and embarassed at the same time. “Someone actually read/watched/listened to that? Yay! Oh, man…was it good?”

It’s fun because I get to see people’s reactions (or non-reactions) to my natural self! Maybe also a little scary because…we all know how the internet is.

Anyway, I write this as a reminder to everyone, that we are not invisible! It’s up to you to decide if that’s a good or bad thing.

Have a great day!

Obligatory Social Media Plugs Incoming

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