Hello, internet!

Hello, internet! I am cellist and composer, Cymphoni Fantastique! I am not an espically prolific writer, but I like writing. Some things you can expect to find here are stories about my life, poetry, fictional stories, and other random tidbits.

For my first composition (and I really love that written words and written music are both called compositions), I think I’ll write about a lesson I’ve learned.

I think you learn a lot by being a musician. Most people think it’s all glitz and glamour, fame and freedom, millions of monies, but really it’s just like any other job.

One of the things I’ve learned is that if money is your main priority, you’re probably not going to last very long. People say this a lot, but I’ve been trying to understand it a little better.

Not to say money shouldn’t be a priority, but if money is your main (or only) goal and you can make money doing something else, music will take a secondary role in your life. If it does become secondary, you might not have the time to work on it.

It’s important to identify a goal that’s specific to what you can accomplish by doing certain things. Something like “money” is very broad and there are much easier ways to achieve it. A goal like “winning a Grammy” is more specific to music and can help you stay focused and not burn out.

I guess the most important thing is to question yourself. Not to the point of paralysis, but enough to at least be able to convince someone who cares about you (and has good sense) that this is something you truly want to do.

That’s enough for now. I hope I can come back with some more interesting things. Thank you for reading!

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