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Hello! First, thank you so much for visiting this page! It's not one you'll see on many (any) websites, but it's important all the same.

On this page are donation and affiliate links. By using them, you are helping me out and (hopefully) helping yourself out too!


Patreon: This site needs no introduction. By becoming my Patron, you'll unlock some super exclusive perks! (free merch, concerts, content, etc.) Plus, you'll help me create better music!


Donations: If you donate here, there are no fees involved, and if I also happen to be streaming, your message will appear on my screen!


PayPal: My direct PayPal link if this is more comfortable for you


Flattr: This is a relatively new service (at least to me). It functions in much the same way as Patreon when you subscribe by the project. I like this a bit better because I feel your dollar goes further.


Below, you will find the affiliate links. They will be beneficial to both of us if you are generous enough to use them when you are making purchases!

Once again, thank you so very much! I truly do appreciate your support!