I Did My Best…

I did my best,

My task is done.

Now to face,

The rising sun.

A new dawn,

A new day!

Another chance,

To pave my way!

One step back,

Still pressing forward.

Achieving my goal,

Is my reward.

Through good and bad,

And time and toil,

Through joyest joy,

And saddest sorrow,

I will keep,

My head held high!

And chase my dreams,

Far past the sky!

…Yeah, so… I was feeling kind of bummed that I absolutely bombed my audition. It was kind of a series of unfortunate events that all happened in the exact right order to make everything bad for me today.

Oh well. I cheered myself up with this poem. I hope someone out there feels better too if they read it.

If you are interested in learning more about me, I would first like to tell you how very flattered I am! This is the link for most all of your questions.

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